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HAINS Message

Hains is a HACCP related sterilizer
production specialized company.

We are all threatened by disease and contagious disease always amidst the environment when we are living in the modern world. To improve public sanitation and health, the government adopted the HACCP and evaluation certificate system to carry out preventive measures impeccably as a part of the nation’s sanitation culture initiative.

All the products manufactured at the Hains are the sanitation sterilization system needed for the public, group meal and food safety sanitation, and they are composed in a way that they suit any place in diverse ways.
All the products are made with utmost devotion to the highest quality level to suit customer demand. Hains products are sought after once again by the users since customer-institutions’ satisfaction level is high.

Hains will become a good company and a great company that contributes to the society and to the nation’s advancement by making good products for the humankind’s health.

We would like to express your encouragement to this day, and we will make incessant effort to ensure impeccable follow-up management and new product development.

Thank you.

CEO Park Geun Young Park Geun Young