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  • Symbolmark

    Just like the saying, sound body, sound mind, company’s image that pursues after well-being from the genuine sense of taking care of the public sanitation for the people by improving sanitation environment actively in the age of the well-being when the health and welfare are gaining attention was designed in the form of a tree leaf. color that instills sense of trust was used to express the will of the Hains that races ahead for the future.


Hains that strove for the public sanitation of the people with the company ideology of leading clean sanitation culture

Hains Co., Ltd.’s English spelling, ‘Hains’ which means ‘sterilization system that offers the effect needed for the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) management’ is used to express in refreshing word mark format, expressing the image of the clean and honest company that spearheads the effort to prevent the elements that threaten public sanitation.
Designed focused on expressing cleanness to add on the trust to the clean and sanitary image.

The logotype visualizes Hains’ official name and must be used in the form of the signature combination below.

  • Korean Logotype

    Korean Logotype

  • English Logotype

    English Logotype


The signature combination is based on a horizontal and vertical combination of Korean and English and should be used only in the above form without any changes in ratio or color.

  • Korean, English Signature

    Korean, English Signature

  • English Signature

    English Signature


The character represents that Hains is the best product and captures the employees’ mindset that places customers first and foremost.


The following requirements shall be met when using Hains’ colors, and the colors shall not be changed at one’s discretion.
The colors presented below shall be replicated exactly the same in all circumstances, except when it is impossible to replicate these colors due to the applied medium’s specificity, and maintain accurate brightness, chroma, etc.

  • Hains Red

    CMYK : C19 M99 Y100 K0
    RGB : R215 G12 B25

  • Hains Light Red

    CMYK : C0 M95 Y85 K0
    RGB : R231 G36 B39

  • Hains Yellow

    CMYK : C4 M26 Y89 K0
    RGB : R245 G196 B28