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Certificates and Awards

Certificates & Awards

Hains will become a good company and a mighty company that contributes to society and national development by making products that are good for the health of humanity.

  • Certificates and awards

    · Domestic and overseas: patent registration, utility model registration,
    · Design registration, trademark registration, business name registration (36)

  • Company certificate

    · Incheon City Vision Company
    · Promising small and medium sized enterprise by the Industrial Bank of Korea
    · Selected as Industrial Bank of Korea family company
    · Incheon City 2012 IP star company
    · Promising small and medium sized enterprise by Incheon City
    · Selected as promising export small and medium sized enterprise
    · Hains company attached research center
    · Registered for government procurement, Nara Marketplace
    · Innobiz certified company
    · Management innovation type small and medium sized enterprise
    · Venture company

  • Company certificate

    · TR Mark certificate (Korea Testing & Research Institute)
    · Overseas certificates: FDA, CE, PSE, design (3), FCC
    · Selected as outstanding quality product from Incheon City
    · Electric safety certificate (Korea Testing Certification) (28 cases)
    · ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
    · Performance certificate (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    · Sterilization S Mark certificate (Korea Testing & Research Institute)
    · Quality guarantee Q Mark certificate (Korea Testing Certification)
    · Sterilization test score (Korea Testing & Research Institute)

  • Awards

    · Award by the Chairman of the Korea Federation of Small Businesses
    · Award by the Small Business Corporation’s Director of the Board of Directors
    · Award by the Incheon Seogu Head
    · Won the outstanding entrepreneur award by the Incheon City
    · Won the Small Business Corporation’s Division Head award (export management category)
    · Won the President of the Incheon Regional Small and Medium Business Administration award
    · Won the Jungbu Regional Employment and Labor Administration award
    · Grand Prize, customer satisfaction certificate (Money Today 2010) · Selected as the woman venture CEO of the month
    · Special venture company award
    · Outstanding management innovation type company-selected by the Seoul Economy News
    · Won the Grand Prize for the ROK ESH Value Management and President of the Small and Medium Business Administration award (Environment, public sanitation, safety)
    · Won the Daegu Suseong-gu Resident Award

  • Association memberships

    · Vice Chair, Incheon Export Club
    · Member, CCMSEW
    · Member, Incheon City Vision Company Association
    · Appointed as Office of Legislation’s officiant of law
    · Incheon National University family company
    · Member, Korea International Trade Association
    · Member, Incheon Venture Company Association
    · Member, government procurement, MAS Association
    · Member, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    · Member, Innobiz Association
    · Industry safety official, Incheon City National Police Agency