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[Personal information handling principle]

'Hains' considers (hereafter, 'company') customers’ personal information as important, and complies with the "law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information. The company notifies via personal information handling principle on the purpose and method for using the personal information that the customers provide, and the types of measures that are taken for personal information protection.

The company will notify via website if and when the personal information handling principle is revised.

ο This principle shall be executed starting from November 1, 2009.

■ Personal information categories for collection
The company collects the following personal information for member registration, consultation, service application etc.
ο Categories for collection: Name, TEL, e-mail etc.
ο Personal information collection method: Website

■ Purpose for the collection and use of the personal information
The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.
ο Supply of sales information contents and notices
ο Use for marketing and advertising
ο New service (product) development and specialization, delivery of advertising information such as events

■ Period for the retention and use of personal information
The company immediately disposes of the applicable information after the purposes for the collection and use of the personal information are realized.

■ Personal information disposal procedure and method
The company immediately disposes of the applicable information after the purposes for the collection and use of the personal information are realized.

Disposal procedure and method are as follows.
ο Disposal procedure: Information input by customer is moved to a separate DB after the purpose of use is realized (separate document box in case of paper). Then, it is disposed after storing for a specific period of time in accordance to the internal principle and reasons for the protection of information according to other related laws (refers to the period for retention and use). Personal information that is moved to a separate DB is not used for any other purpose except for storage expect for the instances backed up by the law.
ο Disposal method: Personal information, saved in the form of electric file is deleted using a technical method that cannot revive the record.

■ Supply of personal information
The company does not provide users’ personal information to the outside in principle. However, the following cases may be an exception.
- When the users agreed in advance
- When based on law or when there is a request by the investigation authority according to the set legal procedure and method for investigation purpose

■ Entrustment of the collected personal information
The company does not entrust customer information to an outside company without the prior consent of the customers. If such need should rise in the future, we will notify the customer on the target of entrustment and the contents of the entrustment work, and we will receive the prior consent.

■ Rights of the users and legal proxy, and the methods for exercising these rights
User and legal proxy can always inquire or modify own personal information or that of the child who is 14 years old or younger who are registered, and they can request termination of subscription as well.
To inquire or modify personal information of the user or child who is 14 years old or younger, use ‘modify personal information’ (or ‘modify member information’). To terminate subscription, (agreement for withdrawal), click on the “membership termination”. User can access the information in person, modify or terminate membership after going through the identification process.
Or user can also contact the supervisor in charge of personal information management via writing, phone or e-mail, and we will take measures fast without delay.

If you requested correction of the personal information error, we do not use or provide applicable personal information until it is corrected.
Moreover, when wrong personal information is provided to a third party, we will ensure that the correction is made by notifying the results of handling correction to the 3rd party without delay.
The company handles personal information terminated or deleted due to the request of the user or legal proxy according to the guideline specified on the “period for the retention and use of the personal information collected by the company” and we handle it in a way that it cannot be accessed or used for any other purpose.
■ Matters pertaining to the installation and operation of the automatic personal information collection device and regarding refusal
The company does not operate device that collects personal information, generated automatically such as Cookie when using Internet service.

■ Civil affairs service pertaining to personal information
The company designated the department and person in charge of personal information management as follows in order to protect personal information and to solve complaints related to the personal information.

Department in charge of customer service: Customer Consultation Center
You can report all types of personal information protection related civil affairs that result while using the service to the person in charge of personal information protection or the department in charge. The company will provide prompt response to the reports made by the users.
Inquire with the following institutions if you need to report other personal information infringements or need consultation.

1. Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (
2. Information Protection Mark Certificate Committee (
3. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
4. National Police Agency Cyber Terrorism Coping Center (
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